Favourite Fruits?

Anyone got favourite fruits? My wife and I recently discovered custard apples which are green and very slightly scaly with faint black patches. On the outside they're pear-shaped, inside they're full of soft, milky flesh with large brown oval pips. My wife loves them because they're not acidic so she doesn't get indigestion from them.

Hi Oxytosin,

These would be good for me too, for the very same reason! Wonder if we can get them in the US?

Watermelon, blackberries, or dewberries are some of my favorites! Fresh peaches are fabulous too, ever had a doughnut peach?

Yes, doughnut peaches are like custard apples in a way - you have to catch them when they're ripe. At least the ones we get in the UK are like that. They come hard, usually, then soften and become fleshy and yummy then quite quickly go off. They are more tasty than ordinary peaches if you catch when they're just right!

I am partial to frozen mango chucks.. They taste like ice cream. Blueberries are a close second. My daughter likes white peaches and yellow plums. She tends to be a nonconformist.

Yes, blood oranges are another! I have been dreaming of them!

My wife likes plain bananas because they're a fruit that doesn't set off acid in her stomach. Makes me think of all those tennis players stuffing bananas down them between games. Energy food.