Feeling breathless and waves of nausea several days after 1st IVIG

Hi everyone,

I had my first IVIG treatment and finished on Saturday. I drank a lot of water during and took the recommended Benedryl and Tylenol. I did fine during, but developed a headache on Saturday afternoon which was painful but expected. A couple ibuprofen took care of that. But Sunday morning I started having breathlessness and later began having waves of nausea. I have no appetite and am having trouble getting through my day. Now it’s three days later and I’m still having nausea and breathless episodes. Also hot flashes (not like menopausal). I have had similar hot flashes when I have a chemical exposure, as I have chemical sensitivities. I’m just waiting for this to go away so I feel better. Has anyone else had these kind of effects? Is anyone else sensitive to paints or smells? Maybe it’s coincidence or a stomach virus but it did start the day after treatment ended. Would love to hear your thoughts. These symptoms are not quite like any of the expected reactions to IVIG. Thanks!

Hi Jeanne: I had my first IVIG about 120 g over a 4 day period. It was my first one so I didn't know about the water drinking and all. They gave me Benadryl and Tylenol. I was fine until Day 2. Then in the evening of Day 2 I had a massive headache and fever and managed to take it down. Fine on Day 3 and 4. A couple days later, I developed hemolysis and jaundice which they say super rare. I also had dizzy spells. I was in shower and then got out and literally fainted. The hemolysis and jaundice eventually went away.

Anyways, the brand was changed and now what I do is I make sure I have had 2.5 liters of water before I do the infusion. I do them at about 6PM so I have plenty of time to drink my water. I also split my infusions into weekly ones. So Thurs and Friday of one week I do the first half. Then the following Thurs and Fri the other half. This then completes one treatment. I also ask for the infusions to go super slow so that I don't have side effects so it take about 8 hours for my infusions to complete. I stay overnight on Thursday. Go to work perfectly fine on Friday and then come back to hospital on Friday evening again and sleep there. I have had ZERO absolute side-effects.