Feeling "normal"

I have not felt like myself pre-GBS since before I was diagnpsed in 2008. Does anyone feel “normal” post GBS?

I am still recovering from my GBS, I am only 15, I am back in school. I do not feel normal. I am in band and I can not play because GBS caused my face muscles to stop working but they are coming back slowly, but I can not do what I love to and what is normal to me! I know how you feel about not feeling normal because all my friends are out having fun and taking pictures and laughing and smiling and I cant take pictures because I look bad because I cant smile or move my eyebrows fully.

I am sure you don’t look bad. The right side of my face doesn’t work properly and I understand how you feel, I used to hate to go out to dinner because my eyes water when I eat and I don’t chew normally but my husband and kids joke with me to make me feel better about it. It’s hard to feel like you fit and in but you should be out taking pictures and laughing. Your friends should love you for who you are. If you need to talk keep posting. I have found most of these sites are very helpful and have people who understand. Thanks for tge support.

Im 20 years old and ive had gbs for 11 years and till this day i dont feel normal. Im still feel the inflammation and the flare up. I cant walk run or stand for more than an hour. I cant ride a bike for more than 30 minutes and i have to ride at slow pace. Basically its been an hard depressing and painful 11 years for me

I am sorry to hear that but I understand where you are coming from. Walking and standing are the hardest for me. I know we just have to hang in there and keep trying even though some days I would rather give up. Thank you for sharing.

Hey there, I know how ya'll feel, I came down with gbs in 2011 I am working full time and

have to be on my feet the majority of the day, it is very hard still and by the end of the day my legs and feet

have me in pain and i'm wiped out. I don't have the energy on my days off to do the things I used to enjoy doing. I keep trying though but do listen to my body when it says you need to rest. I get sick and tired of being sick and tired. Best wishes for all of you. gail.

WOW!!!...for the first time since I was diagnosed in 2011, I feel "normal" here!.......thank God I found y'all!......it appears I am NORMAL!...hurtin the way I do, the fatique, and the just plain BLAH feeling is normal!...for us that are recovering from GBS...I get it now!