Fighting Colds/Flu/Illness in GBS Recovery

For the last two weeks, I have been fighting a sinus infection that has progressed to chest congestion. This is my first cold since experiencing GBS symptoms over 7 months ago. I have been doing great in my recovery but have noticed a mild recurrence of some of my GBS symptoms since I have been sick. Of course, the symptoms are nowhere near what they were initially but it's a scary reminder for me. I just wondered if anyone had experienced this when they get sick following GBS. I am hoping I will get better soon. I have finished one antibiotic and am going back to my primary today. It seems like this is hitting me harder than it should.

Hi… Yes I was diagnosed in October ha the flu end of December my symptoms have progressively gotten worse with new symptoms of no bowel sensation. I was admitted to hospital again January 4th. I have had 4 more MRI’s and another lumbar puncture I am now getting another 5 day round of IVIG. The reason for my initial GBS diagnosis was a GI infection. On top of the no bowl urinary sensation severe weakness and numbness and blood pressure fluctuations high to low.
I hope you feel better quickly but that is relative to us GBS patients.
All my best, Dawn

I was wondering. I was diagnosed with Guillen Barre last March 2014. It’s been a year now. My hands and feet are still numb but I have strength which wasn’t effected. In addition my other body parts are numb as well. I can still get an erection but have very little sensation or feeling in that area. My question is will I eventually go back to normal and have a normal sex life again?