First time speaking to cmt suffers

hi all my name is Sam and this is my first time talking to other cmt suffers, don’t really know how to start, would love to hear how others deal with cmt mentally and ways to not let it get u down because I have what I call funks when I don’t want to speak to anyone or do anything and just shut my self away from the world ???

Sorry about the spelling lol

Hi Sam,

Spelling was fine! Ive literally just had my diagnosis confirmed (not nailed which type yet) so I am in the early days of coming to terms with having CMT. Im determined to keep myself active as possible so when I feel bad I take my little dog for a walk. Somedays I can go for ages, others much less but the very fact that I made the effort and got out in the air is always a good thing.

What si your situation? How long have you been diagnosed? Im in the UK, have known there was something up for ages ,,, numbness, hands atrophied.........

Welcome Sam

I know about funks! Tempting to withdraw from the world but I have to fight against it otherwise l get quite down....


Hello Catherine,
Thanks for taking the time to reply.
Yes it’s hard to keep positive. But so worth it when you make the effort. What do you do to fight it?
These type of chat places are great. I’m still trying to get the hand of this one though! How long have you been a member?
Hope you have a good day today.