Flare up or relaspe

Curious to know if ncv / emg testing can conclusively distinguish between a flare up or a relaspe. Specifically, is a relaspe diagnosis needed to warrant IVig to be prescribed.


Ivig is to help with symptoms. It can help stop progression, or it can not help stop progression.

Thusly, your neurologist should want to help you with your symptoms.

My neurologist has it worked out with my insurance to admit me to the hospital “for observation” once a month where I get my infusion. I haven’t had an EMG or NC in several years. I am slowly regaining endurance since changing my brand of immunoglobulin to Privigen. I am no longer in a slow decline.

Thanks for the replies.I think my concern is what will be necessary for insurance to approve IVig if my Neuro deems necessary. It has been 7 years since I have had IVig treatment, so not sure what United healthcare will require to approve again.

I have United Health Care. My IVIG treatments were approved. He sent them a letter with the CIDP diagnosis and my severe symptoms. As long as I am showing improvement or maintaining they approve me for 3-4 months. I have to see my neurologist for 3 month assessments

Thanks Chrissy. That’s encouraging to know about UHC.