Food: a love/hate relationship

Just curious how many of you have noticed a difference in your body’s response to different foods. I gave up dairy and my skin rashes went away. I did the elimination diet for four months and felt better than I have in years. The only problem is that I did Rituxin and IVIG during that time. When I stopped treatment I was also tapering from the diet and got very sick again. I’ve been on IVIG weekly since. I don’t buy into the gluten free craze, but I do notice the less processed food I eat the less pain I have. I’m not ready to do the elimination diet again, but I would love input from others. Also, changes with caffeine? Just curious.

When I first was diagnosed, I spoke with a friend who has lupus ( I know different) and is a nurse, but she told me about how diet really impacts her symptoms. No excuse on my end, but I am not very disciplined when it comes to diet. I am pesce-vegetarian, but eat a lot of carbs (and cheeses). When I go through kicks of reducing sweets, eating less carbs and increasing my consumption of anti-inflammatory foods (turmeric tea, ginger), I notice my symptoms are a bit better.

About a year ago, my physiatrist who manages my physical therapy encouraged me to change my diet. It was a Michael Pollan kind of thing “eat food. not to much. mostly plants.” So, I started doing green drinks, returning to vegan recipes, doing yoga (my physical therapist has been pushing it) and trying to be vigilant with the amount of poultry and fish I eat. I do not eat red meat (haven’t for almost 35 years). My GP put me on high dosage vitamin D (mine was so low) and my neurologist has me on B complex vitamins. I also take Magnesium. And I receive acupuncture. I have been doing IVIG monthly for 3 years and about 6 months ago was cut back to every five weeks. My neurologist is now considering a 2 month hiatus to see how things go. I take Gabapentin for pain. About food and a love/hate relationship: I love how well I’ve been doing since focusing on an inflammation reducing diet. I hate when I feel too lazy to comply. Food is part of a holistic approach that my physicians watch carefully. But, for me, food has been a winner.