Food and GBS
I heard that what you eat is very important for those with autoimmune disease. I like and I believe that’s true. I had some problems with allergy and after I start to eat “organic food” without gluten and additive I m feeling great.

I don't know first hand about this, as I seem to be able to eat anything I want (and I am eating way too much!) However I recently had a conversation with a cousin who said she was first diagnosed with Lupus and then with Rheumatoid Arthritis. She studied up on a lot of things and then pretty much put herself on the organic foods without gluten and additives and she does not have any of the symptoms anymore. I defintely think that we eat way too many processed foods and too many additives. I would like to do this myself, but where to start and what to substitute for these foods we love!

Glad it is working for you.

Hugs & Blessings!


its a good idea to try to reduce the Bad foods ,there is a lot of info it is good to Start with Gluten free and go from there if concerned .My wife is Celiac and was only diagnosed at 65 all those years of suffering very badly .Bob
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