Food, what are the favorites?

Is is fried chicken or tofu? Cheetos or chocolate marshmallow milkshakes?

It's pizza. It's always been pizza. A really high-quality pizza is a truly sublime experience for me. Too bad it's not kale lol.

hi sk my favs are things i cant have lol 1(chicken my fav) 2(steak) 3(lasagna)4any food lol

We have to figure out some new favorites for you then, bruce. Recently, I found out that frozen mango chunks taste a heck of a lot like ice cream. But, they may have a fairly high sugar content. Can you eat lobster? Because that is my other absolute favorite.

Alright, speaking of good stories, I have one to tell about pizza, making the dough anyway!

I began a side job at a little cafe, and one of the specialties was pizza, they made their own dough, and it was good pizza, they even made a breakfast pizza! It was slow one morning when they were making the dough, so I asked if they wanted some help, as there were no tables in the restaurant, so I joined the manager, a Dutch born gal, and her best friend who was old enough to be her mother, and her total opposite. So we had a good start on the dough, but ran out of flour and the best friend was sent to the store room for the flour, a 25 lb bag, for some reason she opened it before she got back to the prep room where the dough was being made, out came the manager from the walk in and guess what, she got the flour dumped all over her, it flew up in her face, through her hair, down her clothes, into her shoes, and all through the walk in! So of course, the battle began, I was so flabbergasted, I did not get out of the way quick enough and was the next one to get it! Then they went behind the line after the cook, it was all through the fryers, on the grills, in pancake batter, and he really got upset, and started throwing batter! By the time we started getting customers, the entire restaurant was trashed, they opened the door, and ran the other way! We had to close the place down for the day and put a sign up that it was closed due to circumstances beyond our control! What a mess to clean up! I had to walk with her to her apt to shower and wear her clothes home or my car interior would have been destroyed! We had a ball, but not as far as the clean up! There were photos, not sure what ever happened to them!

ROFL. That is hilarious, SK! Thanks for the laugh.

I'm not big on Kale either, it's too close to Liver, I'm the fried chicken, chocolate marshmallow milkshake lover!

Steak, lobster, lasagna, for sure!

Aren't you the Cheeto gal, dancermom?

I don't confess to that in public, sk. :)

my favs are

egg custard pie (my mawmaw made this for me all the time, ice cream, nature valley granola bars and creamed potatoes. This is about all I can eat without getting sick luckily they are also my favorites. Also add some flavored rices like Spanish or dirty rice.

chocolate, ice cream, tomatoes, cottage cheese, did I mention chocolate?

braylin's gramma,

My husband stopped at the store today, he did not get bread, or lettuce, but he did bring me a couple of big milk chocolate with almond bars! ha! Before we were married, I sent him out in the middle of the night in a snow storm for chocolate! ha! I had a good idea he was a keeper then! LOL!

Oh, by the way, I found us a new winter ride! Hop in!

oh, I forgot one on my list. My husband took me for a ride a couple of days ago and we passed my favorite tree on our whole road. It is a giant Persimmon tree!!!! When we pass it I can see how ripe they are and how close to time it for picking it is. This year will be a GREAT season for them, There are so many the branches are hanging like they are going to break. So I would definitely have to say Persimmons.

Hi jnj,

I'm not sure I've ever had them! I would think they should be about ready!

Hope you are well,


To me they are one of the best fruits you can get. they are very delicate when ripe and will squish when you pick them up off the ground also when they fall from the trees. We work for hours cleaning them and freezing them just so we can have a couple persimmon puddings during the winter. I wish you could all try them.

I am ok thanks. Just more and more vision problems. it gets hard to tolerate some days and I just cry about it because I am mad and sad at the same time.