For what it's worth, self therapies

Cathy’s husband here: Being that we are both type 2 diabetics I’ve learned a few things about neuropathy. Cathy has never had neuropathy but I suffered greatly at one point. I have nothing to base this on only what I’ve been seeing from her and the writings of others here in this forum. 2 weeks ago Cathy wasn’t able to walk at all. She is rapidly gaining the ability to walk again but not unassisted as of yet. We both eat a ketogenic diet. Extremely low carbs and high fat fat content. This may play a role in some regards. She is taking on a daily basis:

Glycine, before bed, 6 grams, Glycine is soothing on the nerves and helps to rebuild collagen with in the arterial walls making the arteries more elastic and lowering bp.

L-Arginine 10-15 grams a day. Arginine increases blood flow to the peripheral arteries and helps to promote HGH, human growth hormone which is needed for repair.

Alpha Lipoic Acid, 600 mg 3 times a day, ALA helps repair nerve cells and is used to help with neuropathy. Ala must be taken with biotin, 1000 mcg

Methyl b12, 5000 mcg every other day. B12 is needed for nerve conductance

L-Glutamine 10 grams at night, Glutamine is the primary amino acid needed for tissue repair.

Hoping this may help others here

Saw a neurologist last week, he’s leaning towards TM as opposed to GBS. YM or traverse myletis. Same problem as GBS except the TM attacks the spinal cord instead of the peripheral nerves giving a completely different set of symptoms.