Forest Fires and Symptoms

Hi...I live in northern Montana where we are having serious fires, and smoke. When the smoke flares up, so do my CIDP symptoms. I feel severe "chills" when I move, write, climb the stairs. Also, find I drop things more, move slowly, and feel much more fatigue. Until these smoke issues, have felt CIDP under control, with IVIG every 3 weeks. Any one out there feel an increase in symptoms due to forest fire smoke? It has me down, and mystified, but so does CIDP.

Grateful for any replies. Susanna

Hi Susanna, I live in Southern Oregon and we have had lots of smoke over the past 3-4 weeks. I am experiencing a slight but noticeable increase in Sx too. Not so much fatigue but numbness and muscle weakness with a little mental fog to boot.