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Hiya! My name is Jim, 43 yr old male and 7 weeks out from the onset of the disease if thats what we call this. Started feeling numbness in the feet wednesday afternoon and by friday i lost the ability to walk. Saw two doctors in that time who had no idea what was going on before heading off to the ER saturday morning. I was diagnosed saturday morning and by that evening i was starting a 5 day regimen of plasmapheresis. Ten days later i was about to be released when it came back with a vengence, this time taking the use of my arms and lungs with it. I was able to skirt the ventilator with 5 more days of plasmapheresis and another five days of IVIG. I am now 7 weeks out, walking with a frame and able to type this message. Reading up on GBS i consider myself extremely lucky to be where i am at. Still dealing with tingling in the hands and feet along with residual nerve pain, muscle spasms. This is being controlled with gabapenton very well.

Welcome, okjaz! We're glad that you found us, and we hope that you will be too.

Thanks for the introduction.

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Welcome okjaz I hope you gain as much comfort and support as I have after finally finding this terrific group of people. I hope your recovery is speedy and you regain full mobility soon