Fulzone vaccine, precaution for Gillain Barre


Just heard a TV ad for the new Fluzone vaccine with a 90% smaller needle and the warning/precaution for those who have had GBS. Please be aware!

Thanks for the Information & Post !!!

You are very welcome! I will gladly pass on any helpful info that I find. Wishing you all the best!



Its a shame the commercial does not state the vaccination MAY CAUSE GBS.

OOH! I did not know about this, but I have long been suspicouos of the reprecussions of vaccines in general, on the other hand, I am glad that I was able to get the Polio vaccine. I remember as a kid when Polio commonly afficted people. I have heard and read the claims of vaccines causing Autism!

I know of several Mom's who home school their kids who refuse to have them vaccinated at all, for anything. My Chiropractor refused to allow his children to be vaccinated for Chicken Pox, saying IT is what causes Shingles in later years.

Personally I cannot take any live vaccines being on a disease modifying drug for Psoriatic Arthritis.

Hey, how about all of these steroid and cortisone solutions used for Pain Management injections being contaminated with aspergillus and another type of mold. CBS news said it was predicted that approximately 14,000 people would be affected by this. Even some OTC allergy meds were pulled, so I am thinking they were produced at the New England Compounding Pharmacy as well! Scary stuff! The FDA needs to pay attention and take action!

Any word on how long it takes a person to react to these injections? I have many people concerned about this, but have no answers. I just recommended they contact their Doctors.

I was amazed to hear the FDA had little regulation for these sites

I know, we think they are our safety net, and actually are not. Instead of them being so militant about wanting to regulate vitamins, I believe they need to concentrate their efforts here!

I'm not sure if the law suits will include the FDA or not, and you just know there will be law suits, rightly so!