Funny CMT stories? By request from Gerald

Tell us your funny stories related to CMT.

I fall down a lot...and walk very slowly.

I have a 4 year old grand daughter.. she can outpace me with ease.

Once I was (without my cane) chasing her across the back yard. My 30 year old son says to his fiance "Watch this! Lorali will fall down and Pops STILL won't be able to catch up to her!

It happened just as he predicted! hahaha

Ah, it's good that you are all close enough and good natured enough to have a laugh about this! I'm sure Lorali doesn't even mind!

About 50 years ago I was a college student. I was young and sarcastic. (now I am old and sarcastic.) Between semesters, when the campus was almost empty, I had been visiting a friend who worked on the second floor of an old building. Leaving her office, I took a flight of stairs in one step (a big fall) and landed, with a loud thud, on the first floor. While lying on the floor, two professors ran out to see what happened,

The conversation went:

Prof 1: Did you fall?

Me: Guess. Do you really think I like lying on your floor?

Prof 2: Why did you fall?

Me: Gravity.

LOL, John! It is the best way to answer ridiculous questions! Love the sardonic humor! Reminds me of something out of the Dick Van Dyke show!

Those of us with CMT often have cold feet and hands. It is less a problem for us than it is for others, particularly our spouses. We are able to have some fun with it:

Ah, you dirty bird! I would NEVER put my ice cold feet on my husband!