Funny things happen when you have GBS

I've been reading through the posts. Everyone has been very informative and full of support. I think back on some of the things that happened to me while going through it. Thought maybe some of you might also have funny stories to tell. Here are a couple of mine.

While I was still early in my diagnosis, but while I was still in the hospital, getting weaker by the day, I didn't realize just how weak I had become. I knew the hospital staff had a whole lot of patients they needed to take care of, so I thought nothing of climbing out of bed and working my way around the room by balancing on the walls while making my way to the bathroom. After having finished the job, I tried to stand back up from the toilet seat, and found I didn't have the strength to get back up. Guess I would have to pull the little chain that sat next to the commode and ask one of the nurses to help me to my feet. I tried SO hard to pull that little chain, but I didn't even have the strength to do that. I ended up sitting there for nearly an hour before someone came in to check on me. I laugh about that now, though at the time, it wasn't nearly so funny!

The other thing that makes me laugh, even at the time I thought it was funny was that every day they would wheel me up onto this scale to weigh me. Wheelchair and all. This scale had a little lip on it that was about 2 inches tall. They asked me if I thought I could stand up from the chair and step over the lip to get weighed without the wheelchair. I said..of course I can. When I went to step up over the lip, I didn't have the strength to pull my self up those 2 tiny little inches. I start to fall, but they had this belt thing around my waist and they are holding me up with that trying to encourage me to get my weight under me. They said that if my butt his the floor they would have to fill out all this paperwork, and of course, they didn't want to deal with that. By now, I'm laughing so hard, I couldn't hold myself even if I DID have the strength to do here I was, suspended by this belt thing and they are trying so hard to lift me.

I'm sure I'll think of a billion other things that happened while I was afflicted, but I was wondering how many others have funny stories to tell.

For those of you that are on your journey to recovery, or are just starting your journey, remember, this will pass and you will look back and think about how much stronger you have become.

Terrific discussion, valaveria. Laughter is the best medicine.

Hi Valaveria!

My funny story was the first week I started getting this. I was at the beach and was determined to enjoy my week although I was scared about what was happening with me. I struggled to get myself to the beach with everyone. I still kayaked in the ocean even though I joked that I better not fall out and have to swim because I would probably drown (I did wear a life preserver). I was only about 3 days into this thing. Everyone kept telling me that it would be better I just ignored it and went on with my life. So, when my daughter and her boyfriend were throwing football, I jumped up off my beach towel in my bikini and tried to jog down the beach asking for a long pass. That is when I stepped in a small hole and wiped out in the sand because my legs were so weak that they could not hold me when they had to bend. I did laugh and say while I was lying in the sand, see I told you guys that I was weak! The beach was packed and I was quite a spectacle I'm sure in my white bikini taking a nose dive in the sand. Maybe it sounds kind of pitiful, but I did laugh at myself and actually never felt sad about it! I would never make light of GBS because it is serious and I had plenty of tough times and still do on occasion but sometimes I think you really do have to laugh.

Great topic! When I was in the ICU on a trach and completely paralysed I was also extremely hot all the time and so the nurses asked my husband to bring in a sports bra for me to wear. He brought it in on a day I was being looked after by a male nurse and he and my husband just stood over me looking at the bra and me without a clue where to start. I was laughing so hard inside until a female nurse took over and slipped it on me :-) You have to see the funny side in all situations

When I was in recovery, and just starting to be able to move around under my own steam, I wanted to use the bathroom by myself. The nurses and staff all said "No, it's too early, you'll hurt yourself," but I was determined. So in the middle of the night, when I thought I could make it there and back without being detected, off I went, using the room furniture for support. When I was in there, sure enough, down I went, like a load of bricks. The first thing that went through my head was that line from the movie "Christmas Story," where the kid says "Oh no, I shot my eye out!" But I was determined that no one would find out, I would not consider pulling the "Nurse Call" chain, and I managed to haul myself back up and get back to bed. A day or two later the nurse asked, "Where did this bruise on your thigh come from?" Me: "Bruise? What bruise? I don't see any bruise..." Still gives me a chuckle to think about that episode.

I'm not sure how long it was after I got out of the hospital, but I had been in the house for way too long. I new my wife would never let me out alone so I decided I was going out. I waited till she left for work. It felt like I was steeling my own car. I was still very week and had no feeling in my hands or feet but I knew I could drive. I have a old 1994 Acclaim that has been in my family since it was new and it's in great shape for a Michigan car that age. I started out the driveway and down the street, everything was going fine, I was not having any problems driving. I decided to to go to the local Burger King. I got there fine but I had a problem in the parking lot, With my hands as bad as they were I couldn't undo the seat belt. A lady parked next me but it was just too strange a situation to ask her to help me. I sat for a while, then realized I had a screw driver under the seat. I got it out and was able to use it with my arms to release the buckle. I went in ordered my meal and started walking to a seat when I heard a loud crash. I never felt it but my I had dropped the tray. A worker came over and helped clean it up and was nice enough to replace the food. She brought it to the table, I ate then drove back home without the belt on. What I had done was so stupid I had no intention of ever telling my wife but it was so funny I had to tell her her. She called me an ass hole but has told the story a hundred times. I didn't leave the house alone again for quite some time after that.

Great topic and great stories. Mine is from Day 2, the day after I first noticed things when I had trouble turning the key in the car ignition. That night I thought “I just have the flu, and I’ll get a good nights rest and then get up early to go to my regular Sat morning basketball game. I’ll just ‘play through’ this.” Well the next morning, having ignored the fact my feet were “clopping” in the parking lot into the gym, and the 20 mins it took to put on my socks, I was finally ready to warm up. So I picked up a basketball and went to dribble it. Except it just fell to the ground. Surprised, I picked it up and walked over to the hoop to shoot a layup. The ball went a half a foot in the air. My friend came over and said “ready?” And I said “ready for the Emergency Room!” To be honest, I was more than a little freaked out at the time but when I think back on what a ridiculous sight I must have been it makes me laugh.

Yes, you become a lot stronger. I recall realizing why some people have a very hard time coordinating their fingers to eat - I was not able to hold a fork - and it was a chore just to pick up a piece of food by hand.

I sure have come a very long way - back to normal living - and so will you !! Nebretta

During my bout with GBS, I felt hot all the time. I needed ice packs under my neck and periodic ice washed with a towel every hour or so. One night I asked a male nurse to wipe me down because I was feeling hot. He dipped a hand towel in water and began wiping. I stopped him and said I wanted ice in the water. He took a cup of ice and poured it into the bowl and soaked the towel and began wiping again. I stopped him again and told him that the towel wasn't cold enough and that he squeezed it too dry. So I told him that I wanted an ice bath. He said "Are you sure?" I said yes. So he poured the entire pitcher of ice water in the bowl and soaked the towel in the bowl. Gently squeezed it and started to wipe my head with it. I told him "on my body and legs too". He took more ice water, some with bits of ice still on the towel and began wiping my body down. IT WAS FREEZING GOOD!!!!! My body was wet from the ice water but boy did it feel good. Slept like a baby after that. Oh, and I had the nurse refresh my ice pack under neck too. :)

These are fun to read. I recall I "snuck" out of bed to go to the bathroom (I had to have been quite a bit better, by then) and a male nurse scolded me saying "Don't you fall on my watch". He would probably had been in trouble if I fell while he was working. Nebretta

The one I think of every day happened on the first day of admittance to the hospital. This is a hospital where they train different medical professionals. By the time I got to a room my arms and legs had no feeling.

At the time I had a nurse with me constantly started in the ER. So they send a lab tech (pretty little girl but looked to me like a 14 year old) to have the nurse draw blood. So she asked the nurse to do it, all the while saying how she had to learn to draw blood and never did it before and the next day she had to learn and do draws on three patients to comply for her certification. I tell the nurse to let the tech do it. The tech gets scared to death turning sick looking saying no no I don't want to hurt you. I've had no training and on and on.
We get her talked into doing it. my nurse told her here I'll hold him and took my wrist. Lab tech goes to work and several sticks and apologies later she's done still with the I'm so sorry. I told her she did a great job and I didn't feel a thing asking the nurse did I flinch, no not one bit she answered.

The tech looking like a different person so proud almost walking on air gathered up her stuff and left. I look at the nurse and say she could have cut my arm off with a chain saw and I wouldn't have felt a thing. The nurse thanked me for giving the tech much needed confidence BUT what was going to happen when she tried that on someone that could actually feel.

So when I'm down I think of the three poor patients that came after me and the tech saying but it went so well the first time.