Gabapentin Data

Hi Everyone,

My GBS symptoms presented on 8/29/14, I started 5 IVIG treatments on 9/2 and I was discharged from the hospital after some inpatient rehab on 9/11.

My neurologist weaned me off Gabapentin, which I was taking as a pain medication, and my final dose was third week November. Around Thanksgiving and into December, some minor symptoms returned, mainly some minor numbness in my hands, feet and face, tingling, and some neck / back pain, muscle twitching, and easy muscle cramping. She put me back on the Gabapentin at a low dosage (200mg daily) and the symptoms have pretty much gone away, apart from some muscle twitching and cramping if I move the wrong way. Example would be I had to get down on my hands and knees to look for something underneath my desk and my hamstring almost cramped up.

Two questions :

- Does anyone have any data on ongoing Gabapentin usage, i.e. are there any recorded results that would indicate risk if it's taken on an ongoing basis and

- Has anyone identified remedies that help with muscles cramping easily? I assumed water / hydration and stretching but if there is anything people have found helpful I would love to know.

Thank you