Gbs adverse event of covid vaccine

I was diagnosed with GBS twice. The first one was 9 years ago and the second one was just a month ago. It happened 5 days after my 2nd shot of the covid vaccine. The same symptoms I felt were the numbness of the tip of the fingers both hands and feet. The numbness gradually ascending and so I rushed to the hospital when I had been confined 9 years ago. The same neuro took care of me and so we started the treatment the following day - plasmapheresis. After the 3rd session or a week I was able to stand and walk my hands are too weak though but a sign of relief because the treatment shows a good response.

Now, I have almost completely recovered.

Can anybody help me with any suggestions? Since this is an adverse event of the vaccine does somehow the health Department of an LGU will be responsible or can I demand assistance from them? Before vaccination, I shared with them my medical Records but they did not say anything at all.

The ordeal that I encountered is not that easy. It affects me emotionally, physically, and financially. Good thing the company took charge of the expenses so I can be discharged to the hospital but this is something that I have to settle when I have to go back to work.

Hi Jess! I’m so glad to hear that rapid treatment has led to rapid recovery. I might start this discussion with your doctor, in terms of whether this would be considered an adverse event. My personal limited understanding is that a history of GBS is a risk factor for it to happen again, is this correct?

I’m glad that you’ve joined us here, to look for support.

Sharon from ModSupport

Hi Sharon, Thank you for taking the time to respond my post. According to my doctor, it’s rare that GBS will recur. In my case, symptoms showed 5 days after the vaccination was made. Also, the vaccine inoculated is a viral Victor which is not compatible to a person with Inflammatory Polyneuropathy history.

Hi Jess,
My neurologist has advised against my getting the vaccine because of a series of relapses with CIDP. I began with GBS, but things went down hill from there and I was rediagnosed in 2013. Your sharing your experience is very helpful for me. I do not get any vaccines including the flu vaccine.


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Hallo i am glad you are ok,i am interested wich vaccine did you received i am so concerned about this, they said to me only Pfizer but i am not sure somehow

Hello Jess. I’ve had CIDP since 2014 and was interested in your post. I had my second Pfizer jab a couple of days ago and note that it was five days after your second injection that symptoms appeared. Which COVID shot did you receive?

I have had CIDP since 2017. Took two moderna shots. 2nd shot was 4/28/21. The first shot messed with my intestinal system and although I still deal with intestinal issues no CIDP relapse.
Don’t think I’ll get the booster though.

I took a flu vaccine in 2014 and started having trouble within weeks. Finally went in because I could barely walk. Was diagnosed with CIDP. No more vaccines for me thanks.