GBS and TGA?

Hi, I am new and hope I am doing this correctly. My GBS struck last August and this past week I suffered a TGA - Transient Global Amnesia. This has made the GB residuals worse as well as being very unsettling. There was no preceding cause - just went grocery shopping! Spent a day in the hospital and lost memory from that day and 3 preceding days. Trying to understand it and hope to avoid any more. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it related to the GBS in any way? Your comments would be appreciated.

100 views and no responses? I am guessing that what you experienced must not be typical for GBS, beautiful bird. However, I am somewhat familiar with this phenomenon from our other communities. Believe it or not, even certain types of severe migraines can cause this kind of memory loss. What does you doctor have to say about it?

Thanks for your response. I have never been a headache person - on top of the GBS this was a shock. Dr. says there is no connection, and I suppose with the lack of responses, I believe it!

Paws it related to treatment? After IViG, I have memory loss for about 3-5 days a month.