GBS and timeline

Hi all, question: so what happens at the 2 year check up with Neurologist? I am going every 6 weeks to 3 months since Dec diagnosis. Do they say ok we are at the “two year mark” see you next year? Everything is watch and wait – 2 years recovery. Nothing has changed in the past 6 mos for me. I have 6 mos left to “supposed recovery timeline”.


My Nuero told me after 1.5 years that no need to continue to make regular check ups unless I feel the need. He noted recovery should continue (no set timeline). I am now at 2 years and still seem to make small improvements. The doc also noted that after the first few months relapses shouldn't occur, and that if I felt same symptoms that I would be considered 'very unlucky' to contract it twice and to treat as initial onset...He is on the community of practice neurologists and has seen dozens of cases of GBS in his career. Do what you think is best for you though!!