GBS, Fatigue and COVID

It’s been 7.5 years since GBS and I still get very fatigued midday, Now with COVID going around, I’m worried that if I catch COVID, it could very well be goners for me. Anybody else got the same concerns?

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I have the same concern. I’m also prone to pneumonia so I’m taking all the precautions I can. I’m also concerned about vaccination. I’ve been told by my doctors to avoid the flu vaccine and I’m concerned this may be the same.

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I am very concerned about leaving my house. I do it rarely. I got pneumonia in March and finally kicked it last month. If I got COVID-19 now with my lungs that are still healing on top of my CIDP, I am scared of how I would be.

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Worried about the vaccine also. I still get the flu vaccine, but how long before we know it’s safe to get a covid vaccine?

Hi all,
Please be aware i too have all the same concerns about my health.
What i can share with you is this.
I have very bad CIDP from a vaccination i got in Dec 2017. It took 1 year to diagnose. Prior to that, i was diagnosed with primary immune system disorder in 2014. Why i had that vaccine pushed on me is mind boggling. Nevertheless, i cannot sue my doctor for the injury because the government protects all doctors giving those vaccine. Further. When diagnosed with CIDP, my neurologist said i should never get another vaccine again. Along comes Covid 19. If i got the Covid 19 vaccine when available, it could cripple me for the rest of my life, however, not getting the vaccine, if i got Covid 19, it would surely kill me. I get IG immuneglobulin treatment for the CIDP.
I recently joined the PID online site for people with primary immune system disorders. The immuneglobulins take about 9 to 12 months to produce. So, in a little while, people who get the IG will become exposed to the blood from people who have developed antibodies to Covid 19. I pray i will not get Covid in my IG treatments and that the antibodies actually help.
Read the website for primary immune disorders to learn more about the leading documentation by today’s leading immuneologists about Covid.
Then go to the CDC website any type in vaccination injury. There you will learn about and hopefully be able to follow the number of people being injured by the Covid vaccination. Do not be the first to get that vaccine. Wait, read, become informed, aside from your doctors office who wants to stick that vaccination into your arm. Remember, there is no going back for vaccine injuries. You cannot sue them either. Do not get it uf you have GBS or CIDP until you are really well informed.
My 2 cents, Anne

Thank you Anne!

I am so glad you posted this! I am stuck, don’t know anyone with CIDP, and my Neuro keeps disappearing on leave. I developed the condition 8 years ago after having the flu vaccine, and I really do not want this jab. I am also torn, very worried what will happen either way. Very scary, I am struggling to stay positive.

Thank you for this. I am very glad someone else agrees the vaccine is to blame, though of course, I am very sorry you have acquired it.

Thanks for your messages Spencer and Vikki.
PS consult with other neurologists and immunelogists too about the vaccine and what options there are. Eg. The 5th vaccine to market may prove to be the safest. Can people get small doses at a time to watch for bad allergic responses at small doses? The government may even try to force the public to get the vaccination, so do your homework now by seeing other doctors. You want medical protection by your doctor if they deem the vaccine is unsafe for people with our conditions.
Websites then search for vaccination injuries. You will see that there are thousands of people with vaccination injuries.

Yeah, I’m kinda worried. They got this vaccine on fast track and who knows how safe it is.