Getting Sick while on IVIG


I'm still a new-bee to this; so, hopefully this is not a ridiculous question.

I understand that IVIG is thought to suppress an overactive immune response (attacking nerves). It seems that how this all happens isn't greatly understood. While IVIG is slowing down my immune system's inappropriate response, does this impact other needed functions (aka fighting actual foreign invaders such as viruses, etc.)? or is it instead just resetting my immune system to attack the right things? I'm thinking of this in layman's terms, although I just purchased a book on the immune system.

I contracted what I believe is an everyday head cold that is lingering (10 days now and getting worse). I'm visiting my MD Wed. to confirm it's not a sinus infection.

Today, my neurologist advised that a common cold could take longer for me to heal because the IVIG suppresses my immune system. I've completed the loading dose and 1 monthly treatment; so, not much, but enough to initiate progress.

I recall reading on here many people rarely get sick because of implied/heightened immunity with IVIG (flu shot discussion). I found that encouraging, because I won't get a future flu shot. Now, I am questioning whether I need to be extra careful about exposure if I can expect prolonged recovery for basic colds. I have a kindergarten student; so, germs fly around my house- lol!

Thanks again!

This makes sense the way you explained it. Appreciate it. I have 1 week before my next treatment and the last cycle, I started to get signs of demyelination (tingling fingers) 5 days prior. It will be interesting to see what this week brings; my neurologist wanted me to monitor it as well, in case we need to change cycle time. It's all still new as we figure out the proper approach.

Thanks again! Have a great day.

Hmm...not really sure how it's all supposed to work, but here's my story. I have been a pretty sickly person all my life. I would get every cold/flu/illness that went through the community and would be sicker with it and longer with it than others around me. I would be sick from October through March every year. I was diagnosed with CIDP back in late May of last year and began IVIG on June 6 and am happy to report that I only caught ONE cold this winter and it only lasted a day. My last infusion was on December 5 and had to stop because of aseptic meningitis and have yet to get sick, but my psoriasis has made an UGLY come back. UGH!!