Global CMT Awareness Day is September 24

Next Saturday, September 24 is CMT Global Day-a day to unify and collaborate with our CMT friends across the globe! Help us translate Happy CMT Global Day in different languages.

  • In French: Joyeuse Fête Mondiale de CMT!
  • Nepali: bishwabyapi CMT din ko subhakamana
  • Spanish: feliz dia mundial del CMT
  • Irish: Lá Shona CMT Domhanda! Happy Global Day
  • Japanese: "ハッピーグローバルシャルコーマリートゥース啓発デー!"
  • Russian :Счастливые CMT Всемирный День осведомленности!
  • German : "Happy Globale Charcot-Marie-Tooth-Bewusstsein Day!"
  • Dutch: "Happy Globale Charcot-Marie-Tooth dag ter bewustwording!"
  • Finish: "Happy Globaali Charcot-Marie-Tooth vastaisena päivänä!"