Good over the counter foot braces

any good recommendations for over the counter foot or ankle braces. what has your experience been with the various braces out there. there are so many differing opinions.

I don’t think OTC will be good for most anyone. eg what I have is resin molded by special order. These are cast from an MRI of the foot, so they fit pretty snug with the absence of any excess localised pressure on the foot/ankle.
OTC will most probably give you corns and callouses coz of localised excess pressure.
Go custom …

I am just trying out some orthobocks got them through orthopedic guy I have been seeing for a year he has to order them then check to see if they fit okay I luv them its so nice to get out walk my dogs without walking hunched over with my cane now I stand up tall and feel so good still take my cane to be safe if I encounter any rough stuff…

Can you wear your regular size shoe with them?