Google CIDP Alert

Someone mentioned setting up a Google alert on this forum a week or two ago and I thought that was a good idea. I just got my first Google alert today and the article was a very well written description of a 24-year-old young man who underwent the stem-cell therapy experimental program by Dr. Burt:

Greeley Tribune Article re Dr. Burt

I thought I'd share that.


The mother of that patient posted on one of my threads this weekend.

The research sounds hopeful.

ps - I hate to nitpick one detail from the article. But based on what I've read in the last few weeks, the rate of incidence of CIDP is ~1.6 in 100,000 / year. With 7.125 billion people on the planet, that's ~114k new CIDPers / year. The article says the # is 10x higher than that.