Grapefruit ban

When I contracted CIDP in 2007 (diagnosed in 2008) I was told — among other things — to stay off grapefruit. My neurologist is unable to say if that means fresh or canned, juice or slices.

Has anyone else had this ban, and if so, can anyone point me at the research?

I have always known to avoid grapefruit with any chronic medication from multiple doctors. My Father has been on chronic medication all of my life and avoided grapefruit. As I understood grapefruit can change the medication I assume from it’s high acidity.
I have just heard many doctors in the media telling to be cautious with grapefruit. Perhaps doctors have differing opinions on it. I adore grapefruit but nibble instead of feast now with my chronic medication for CIDP.

Very interesting, thanks. I’d never heard of grapefruit being avoided for anything before. I was told it was a specific chemical component in grapefruit being a problem with the drugs I was on at the time (which I’m off now). I did find this link, though, and the NHS sites are extremely reliable.

I think the bottom line here is that grapefruit in any form can interfere with some medications, and it’s probably nothing to do with the disease itself. Here’s a good FDA article that explains:

Looking at the list of medications that could interact, I’m guessing that several of those could be used in the case of CIDP. I guess the neuro, wanting to keep it simple, just said “no grapefruit”.

Your personal authority is, of course, your pharmacist. If you aren’t already on a first-name basis with your pharmacist, I highly recommend it! Mine has both saved my hide and given me some great advice over the years!

Stay well!

Seenie from Modsupport

That’s very clear, thanks. Looks like it’s the statins they were worried about, as they’re the only ones on the list that I am on (and due to come off some time, so maybe I’ll get the all-clear :slight_smile:

Definitely get to know your pharmacist. Mine changed a few years ago and the new one is much better about talking to the patient.

Oh and I forgot to mention that mine once helped me time my refills in such a way that I saved over $1000 in co-payments. (Complicated story involving a big birthday, and switching from one plan to another at exactly the right time. )

Fortunately not a problem we have here, but mine keeps an eye on the changes the doctor makes, and makes the appropriate substitutions with generic drugs where possible.

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