Grifols cancellation of 2 programs....Anyone here enrolled?


I had posted earlier about the Grifols Gammunex-C Co pay assistance program. It seems there was some confusion about my post.

I am receiving Gammunex-C IViG infusions. My question was if anyone had successfully enrolled in their Co-pay assistance program. There was one response but not sure if that was a program from Grifols as I have never heard of a VISA card (rebate?) program.

As stated earlier my doctor and the infusion center financial officer have been working on this since December of 2014. I found out about this program at a support group meeting in October of 2014 where representatives from Grifols presented information about a Co-pay assistance program and a emergency loss of insurance program.

After successfully enrolling in the emergency loss of insurance program and receiving a certificate for one months emergency supply of Gammunex-C in February 2015, I just learned yesterday that that program was cancelled with no notice back in March. It seems that the Co-Pay assistance program was also cancelled at the same time, again with no notice given to participants.

Why would Grifols develop these programs, send reps out to GBS/CIDP support group meetings and then cancel them in less than a year? Is the company just trying to fulfill some sort of federal mandate for pharma companies?

As I stated earlier we have gotten the run around for 6 months from Grifols/ Gammunex-c Connections. I would love to hear from anyone that was/is enrolled in either program.

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Alonzo Taylor

No answer to your therapy. I take gammagard successfully and get assistance with co pays. Have you tried this?

I was enrolled in the certificate program and have been getting them for almost two years. I had no idea it was cancelled. I never received any notice.