Grifols Gamunex-C co pay assistance program

Has anyone here that is using Gamunex IViG successfully enrolled? I have been getting the run around for over 6 months with no assistance, I get a different story every time I call. It is very discouraging to think that between the people at DUKE, my doctor and myself we cannot get enrolled....



I used the Gammunex Copay program for two years without any problems. I used my prepaid $2,500 Visa card to pay my bills for the infusions until the card ran out. By then I had hit my out-of-pocket copay so I was good for the rest of the year. I never encountered any problems. I think my infusion clinic set it up for me to start out.

Go to the infusion center and have them work on it. They helped me to get enrolled in their program and the company pick up the co-pay my insurance paid the rest. I would get what my infusion I would get a copy of what my insurence paid the cost was high 40,000 K a month I had it for 18 months with little results. Not everyone gets good results from the IVIG. The insurence seems to be reluctant to approve it you have to be very persistent and stay on top of that when they pick up the phone you want them to know your first name. Good luck and God Bless

At first, I went to an infusion clinic and Medicare paid for everything as an infusion outpatient but when I went on home care they would not pay for in-home care

There are 2 companies that I know of that IF YOU QUALIFY will help pay for the infusion of IVIG. One is US Bio Services and the other is MedProRX . I am on Medicare. Medicare D prescription insurance is charged for the IVIG. The company I am with pays for everything else for in-home care. I had to fill out a financial statement. So it is worth a shot to see if you qualify.The prescription Medicare D plan pays for the IVIG Medicare pays for nothing.


Thanks for the reply's. AS far as anyone has been able to tell I qualify for the Grifols program, I pay for my own insurance through Blue Cross without any subsidies. I even received a letter stating I was enrolled and asking for the tax forms that are required to receive the 2nd-4th payments. These were filed but never even received the first payment. Grifols change administrative Co's in March and the people handling the program seem to have very little real information. I have had 2 doctors and the social worker from the infusion center speak with them to no avail.

I’ve been taking monthly Gammagard IVIG infusions for one year, and they have helped keep me in remission. But it was a fight in the beginning to get Blue Cross to cover the $19k per treatment cost. My wonderful neurologist at the University of Michigan got personally involved, making numerous phone calls on my behalf. I feel blessed to have met this wonderful physician and advocate. It’s crazy that costs are so variable, even for patients within the same health system. Crazier yet that we have to work so hard to get effective treatments. Keep at it, brother.

The infusion center at the hospital where I get my IVIG infusions use Octagam. The cost is $7,080 for two treatments of 30-40 grams depending on my weight. I was on 60 MGs of Prednisone for 6 months and gained 20 lbs. Now I am down to 10MGs and have lost 15lbs, so get the 30 grams. I have a Medicare Advantage Insurance plan. Their was no problem getting approval. The authorization letter approved treatments for 29 years. I have never seen Octagam mentioned in any of the discussions and am confused as to why it is so much cheaper that some of the other drugs. Hs your doctor priced any treatments other than Gammagard. Good Luck to you.

I was recently diagnose with CIDP and so far it seem to be working good for me. I already reach my out of pocket expenses and the rest is covered by the insurance.