Guillain-Barre Therapy

May I invite members here on what is said about a treatment called Oral Tolerance at
GBS/CIBP Foundation forum.


The GBS Treatment follows below.


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October 3, 2007 at 12:31 am #5707



some very interesting work with MBP on EAE by Weiner et. al. with
oral tolerance therapy

anybody familiar this outside of the MS trials.
given the similarities with of myelin loss I would think this is a
potentially attractive and elegant option.

I chatted with my neurologist and he agreed.

I would think this would be a great option for many of the
demyelatiing diseases?

what is particularly interesting is that in my case IgM has been
shown to be reactive to bovine myelin, I think this is promising.


October 3, 2007 at 7:57 am #51892

Jim C


I had no idea what oral tolerance therapy was so I went to Goggle.
This does sound promising. Has anyone else heard about it being
used for CIDP?

Oral tolerance therapy is a physiologic mechanism that involves
the administration of proteins resembling proteins targeted in
autoimmune diseases. Over time, the immune system cells of the
gastric mucosa recognize and tolerate these administered proteins.
This tolerance prevents the immune system from reacting with the
body's natural proteins.

October 5, 2007 at 2:00 am #51982



Thanks for bringing this therapy up. I'll ask about it when I
go to the University of Michigan next week. It sounds really



Guillain Barre Treatment

Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS) is similar to Multiple sclerosis and ALS where the immune system produces high levels of Antibodies to Myelin Basic Protein (MBP)and the result is autoimmune disease where the body attacks myelin (MBP).

Many MS & ALS patients have used and are familiar with a medication available over the counter- Myelin capsules available from the internet & food supplement stores.

View this product at:

Oral Tolerance is the Medical Discovery we use to fix GBS


Proof: Autoimmune Inc. - a company established from the Success in Animal trials using Oral Tolerance for various immune diseases – arthritis, diabetes, experimental MS, alzheimers and other illnesses. Success in animal trials was Premature because there was NO success with human trials.

The company dissolved because it missed some important detail that brought success in animal tests. This company was just one step to reaching success but could move no further and does not exist today.

The success in animals - they used 4 months old mice and 6 months old rats – animals comparatively Fresh & produce good amounts of a blood factor. In most humans with immune problems , there are small amounts of this factor but not enough to heal.

For more info on Oral Tolerance, please view:

But the important thing here is – if we duplicate all the Factors in the animal trials to human trials, we can fix GBS.

Oral Tolerance depends on the T suppressor cell( a blood cell)- which functions to lower Antibodies and can fix and cure GBS, MS and ALS.

This is accomplished by the T cell which requires 2 signals for full activation.

  1. a peptide similar to Myelin (MBP)– we can not use Myelin because it will be changed by the digestive tract – the peptide primes or makes ready the T cell. But without the 2nd signal the T cell remains in anergy( no activity).

  2. the Second signal - is B7 – other names for this are CD80 and CD86 also known as B7-1 and B7-2 ; either one is enough to make the T cell go thru the changes that makes it a fully activated cell.

These 2 signals are explained at



In Modern Medicine, B7 can be induced in humans through Dangerous methods-

Vaccines , Toxoids , Products and by products of Bacteria , Viruses, Mycoplasmas and other contageous

and virulent Disease causing Micro-organisms. These drugs cause high fevers, Toxic reactions and Death and not acceptable for human use.

However, there are other ways which produce that necessary 2nd signal and NO DANGER.

The second signal is a blood factor & can be induced by HERBS.

Two herbs that induce Second Signal -CD80 & CD86 production are:

1.) Agaricus bisporus - is the white Button mushroom or champignon mushroom found in most U.S. and Canadian supermarkets.

see article

2.) Goji berry known as Lycium barbarum - juice and extracts induces CD80- available from most Food supplement stores & the internet

See article

NOTE: We approached 2 Research Agencies in BC, Canada & were turned down. We wrote to Big research groups in Ontario, Canada & also were refused. Finally, we approached the Medical school University of B.C. and were refused. Big Drugs companies will not partner with us because the formula has Herbs. There are 2 Big reason herbs are rejected In Research 1.) if the company invests millions in herbs, these cannot be patented, anyone can buy the herbs from herb stores instead of getting it from the pharmaceutical companies. 2.) Herbs are small time ventures , the big companies can charge many, many times their investment and there is no law to stop them, drug companies rake in the equivalent of what nations make in Gross National Product , with herbs the Return of Investment is on a comparatively low scale.

Because of this, you can not expect the cure to come from Modern Medicine

This treatment is simple & not complicated - it contains a peptide (part of MBP) and herbs and that's all.

A course is 26 days.

For Mild cases - 3 to 6 courses.

For Moderate cases - 7 to 9 courses.

For Severe cases - 10 to 12 courses.

One more proof: We are treating other illnesses successfully - Diabetes 2 and Celiac Disease. As pointed out Oral Tolerance works lowering Antibodes and our success with these has lead us to treat GBS. This same formula cures MS and ALS.

Questions, comments or inquiries? kindly contact us