Gut nerves demyelination

Has any one experience on what to do in case demyelination of gut autonomous nerves give rise to intestinal blockage?

I am just speculating, but while the causes and the prognosis of each type of neuropathy may be quite different, some of the effects may be the same or similar. When autonomic nerves no longer function well, the outcomes may be much the same.
There is quite a bit of discussion of bowel dysmotility in MS discussions. Some of it may help.
Maybe part of the answer is to get into a routine with food, exercise and bathroom visit, with particular attention to soluble fibre, timing of meals, several small ‘meals’, no large ones, controlled portions, plenty of liquids etc. Quick Oats, whole grain bread, fruit as fibre source, Mediterranean diet, no highly processed food, greatly limit sugars and potatoes. Something like that.
I have given up eating any food with more than 3 ingredients i.e. manufactured food.
Hope this helps.