Had bad flu ..wirrird

Hi everyone, diagnosed oct. 18,2014 campylobacter GI infection completely numb. Came down with the flu in New York Christmas day so sick left to drive home to Texas on the 2.5 day trip while sitting I feel like a paralyzed person that can move arms and legs like they are dead… I really also noticed that I have no bowel sensation no accidents but no feeling will see GI DR. Thursday but my neurologist just seems caring but does nothing wondering if these symptoms would need another round of IVIG?? Has anyone had these issues, and with standing and numbness so profound require new hospitalization. Thank you all for ant advice.
Dawn , Texas

How are you feeling now, Dawn?

Hi Dancermom… Getting by saw my GP yesterday she feels I need to see the Nuerologist sooner then my appointment sooner then 3rd week in Febuary. She thinks I should me in hospital asked if I would go to ER I told her know due to the visit after I went home with the pain stumble falling ect. and I was berated by the ER dr. That the ER WAS FOR EMERGENCYS… That not being able to swallow was not nureological… HUH I was a OR nurSe in one of the busiest hospitals in Manhattan New York I was very angry still wondering were he got his medical degree.
But anyway waiting for the call very weak the pain in back , legs and arms pretty uncomfortable though I am worried about no bowel sensation pretty crazy.
Thank you so much for asking it means a lot. I hope you are doing well.
All my best, Dawn

Hi Dawn,

I had several bad ER visits when this hit me with a few doctors. It took so long to get in with a neurologist that I kept going to the ER for help. When I lost my ability to speak clearly, I was accused of faking and drug tested. I have seen some people really helped by their hospital stays. And through the skeptics I encountered, I did meet a few angels. Hope you feel better soon!