Yep . Had surgery when 13 . Made a big difference but have gone through life regretting that I cannot bend my toes . The surgery included cutting the tendons that caused high arches .

I am the same way, But I had my muscle and nerve biopsy at 13 in 1970, not needing to use the microscope they told my parents they could see it was bad with the naked eye. And that I would never graduate, would be a vegetable and would be in a wheelchair before graduating age. I was told to wait until I stopped growing to do the tendon transfers, so we did an have had triple-arthrodesis, other in all 11 surgeries, had broken femur in "95" an total knee replacement just over a year ago.

Hi Rita , I was told that I shouldn't do any hard work but that just made me more determined to . I've broken my toes a few times because of them being set straight but overall I think I have been able to do more than I would have without the ops . The ball of my foot used to take all the weight and could get very painful . Most of our family have these hereditary problems and prefer working for ourselves .

Hope everything is going okay for you now ?

Cheers .