Hand and Arm Pain

I started having problems with my hands and arms about a year ago. After many trips to the GP, ortho, and neurologists, I was diagnosed with cmt. Now they have put me on neurontin, and it doesn't do anything to help with pain in my arms or cramping with my hands. Is there anything that might help with this? Thank You very much.

I had a lot of success with acupuncture. Even my neurologist was surprised to find I had improved nerve function after several acupuncture treatments. It's definitely something worth looking into.

I will definately look into that. Thanks so much!


I have CMT1A and have found that Lidoderm patches work well for my arm and hand pain. They require a prescription and can be cut to make different sizes for different areas of your body. They are expensive but many insurance plans cover Lidoderm patches.

I have CMT and i just started taking lyrica at night it seems to help with the tingling and numbness

just want to tell everyone the doctors ive seen about 30 of them tell me they can do nothing for me and there is no medication and no cure my daughter is in the army the army tell soldiers to take L Glutamine buy it @ GNC its amino acids it helps the muscles repair themselves IT STOPS THE PAIN!

I am glad you found something that helps the pain, johnnyboy. I looked up the research on L glutamine and CMT. Not much there yet, but it is being studied. I would recommend that everyone check with their doctors before trying it out.

Hi Amanda,

Though I do not have CMT, I have problems with severe nerve pain from Psoriatic Arthritis (Spondylitis type), and Sjogren's Syndrome. My worst nerve pain is Sciatica in my left leg, though I have severely degenerated joints, collapsed discs, spinal stenosis, and scoliosis.

My first med for nerve pain was Neurontin too, but it made me reel, like I was inside a spinning top. From there I went to Lyrica, and I continue to use that. It works pretty well, the biggest problem is swelling. When it gets intolerable, I have to discontinue the Lyrica for a few days and fortunately, my body throws it off naturally.

With both of these meds, it is best to start at a low dose and gradually increase it, this way to suffer less of the side effects. Hopefully you will have success with this with an increase in the dose.

I take 225 mg of Lyrica three times a day.

Hope this info is of help to you, and that you find some relief!

Wishing you well,