Happy CMT Awareness Month!

By the way! Happy CMT Awareness Month to you all! In honor of the terrible things Charcot Marie Tooth disease does to a patient's feet, I'm posting a picture of my icky feet LOL Here's my high arches, numb toes, and my usually cold feet!
I haven't been officially diagnosed with or tested for CMT. The reason I'm on this site though, is because I had gone to a podiatrist at the beginning of the year, she did x-rays, and BAM! Apparently I have deformed bones in my feet (I'm not sure of the severity). I can see my arches are wicked high, and I was told I have a short Achiles Tendon (which is a tendon in the back of your leg [PLEASE DO NOT JUDGE MY SPELLING, I TRIED lol]), which caused me to walk on my toes my whole life, but I have recently had to lessen my toe-walking because of weakness in my legs and ankles. I have shoe inserts, but they don't have a high arch supports I need (I tried getting a photo of my arches, hopefully you can see where the arch starts). My other option was full on AFO leg braces, but my mom didn't think I'd need nor wear them. I hope she realizes that I've only been getting worse lately, and I NEED to have my muscles tested, no matter how scary and painful it seems... Anyways, thank you all for your support for me, even though I have no official diagnosis, it means so, so much to me. I'm here if anyone has any questions or comments, just message me on Facebook (My name is "Stevie Devaney (Noodle)" and my profile picture is me wearing a black hoodie [P.S.Yuki is just a username I use for pretty much everything) or, if we message back and forth for a bit and I feel comfortable enough, I can give you my cell number and you can text or call me (USA NUMBERS ONLY, I'm sorry, other countries cost money for me)
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Nice feet! Those arches are pretty high and you definitely have hammer toes!

CMT affects feet for sure but it also affects a lot of other things in the body as it progresses!

Here's a pic of my feet and legs!