Has anyone found a Podiatrist to be helpful for foot problems from CMT?

Just wondering if they are tried and true solution to any of the CMT foot problems?


Thought l answered this already. l found a good podiatrist in north Texas, Sara Suttle. She prescribed diabetic inserts, now to find a proper fit for a shoe to use them in. l do have one pair, but that is really not enough choices. l have been unable to wear any kind of athletic shoes for a long time. l would really like a pair. ;-(

She also prescribed me a pain cream that has gabapentin in it! A miracle cream for me!!


Hi Tami,

Yes, I think you did, when I asked about insoles, and it's entirely possible that I repeat myself on occasion trying to keep things lively here! ha! Glad you found yourself a good foot Doc!

Hope you can find the right shoe, it makes such a difference in the body when you put the right shoe on! I drive to a little town in PA, where they still measure your foot, and are familiar with all types of physical challenges and usually have the right shoe, the right width, although the last time I was there for sneakers, the owner talked me into getting one size longer and one size narrower and when my feet swell, they are just too tight, so even with all this expertise and care, you can end up with the wrong shoe!

It's been nice hearing from you! Please drop by when you have a moment or two! You have been missed!

Wishing you well,