Has anyone gone through joint replacement surgery?

I think my day is coming on the right hip, has anyone undergone hip, knee or shoulder replacement surgery and how much has it helped?

I haven’t had hip surgery,but I did have basal joint which is repair of the thumb. Seemed like that should be an easy operation,but it was quite the opposite. Anyways,after a few years,I have gained a lot of movement back.it is always a little tight and sore,but improved. I need the right done,but I am right handed,so I am waiting until my thumb repairs itself! Lol. Good luck with your surgery!

I just had my right hip replaced due to osteoarthritis. The surgery did help my hip. I have quite a bit of numbness and pain in my feet due to the CMT so that was a bit difficult to deal with during the rehab process. I can't say I walk any better because my gait is already affected from the CMT but the hip is certainly better. I will probably have to have the left hip replaced in the near future and won't hesitate to do so when the time comes. It is just a little harder to rehab when you already have another issue going on with your body. Otherwise, it was a pretty easy procedure.

I have not had replacement surgery, but did fracture my tibia 6 months ago and im still having problems. Caused my opposite hip to start hurting due to having to shift my weight.

Good to hear the hip replacement was a success, dog lover! All MDs and my mom’ s PTs told me to wait until it was absolutely necessary. I haven’ t even had the c-rays yet, I just know it’s in my future.

Karen that must be a tough one to decide on, I’ve heard that is a tricky op and recovery.

Oh Martha that sounds painful on all accounts. Hope you have or will get to a place that evens it out for you and you don’t have that added strain.

My internet is down, not sure if it’s the house fire that happened across the road yesterday, the cyber hacking, or the impending storm and tornado warning for our area. I’m not great on these tiny keys due to the arthritis! Oh it’s always something, you know! Have also had the grandson here since Friday when the chickenpox were discovered!