Has anyone seen the end

Just curious to see if anyone has completely recovered/gotten back to normal with CIDP? I was never paralyzed but most of my body has been affected in some way. Still getting treatments but I can't decide if I'm getting better or just getting used to it.

Has anyone tried a homeopathic treatment? Any luck?

Homeopathy has been in the news a fair bit lately, and not in a good way:




Your question about recovery is a good one, and I hope members will respond. How long have you been having treatments, Stiffback?

I had an initial treatment one year ago, but it was ended after 4 sessions because I was first diagnosed with GBS. That Dr. told me to go home and take some B12. In August I was diagnosed with CIDP by a different Dr. and started treatment every 3 weeks. Like I said, I think I'm better, but at the same time I am taking venlafaxine which the Dr.says masks the effects.

I would like to hear other stories of recovery. I’ve been on a rather progressive track the past two years. It’s a roller coaster ride. I do IVIG weekly, immunosuppressants daily and I’ll be doing another round of Rituxin this month. Some days I can’t even lift my arms high enough to put my dishes away. I’m not working, but seeking work. But, I recognize I’m no longer dependable. I’m scared. I would love to hear about improvement to distract me from my progressive decline.

I have been receiving IVIG treatments for 2 years now. Most of my coordination has returned, but I still have stiff muscles, distended abdomen, and hands and feet that are asleep. The IVIG treatments seem to set me back for about a week, but I slowly come out of that until the next treatment.

It would be a blessing if there were an end for my husband. From my understanding there is no cure only treatment. The best way to manage is to find the treatment sutible to your individual disease and listen to your body. If you feel exhausted from doing something that wouldn’t or shouldn’t exhaust you. You need to relax. From what I’ve observed unexpected simple task exhaustion can trigger relapse. And every relapse “could” leave you with more perminent nerve damage.