Has anyone tried the 'hurrycane'?

You may have seen it on tv, I've been thinking of getting one for my mom, and I may not be too far behind on my own purchase!

Just wondering if you've tried it or what your thoughts may be!


yes I have a Hurry cane and I really like it. Like many others I have balance problems. It feels sturdier than a standard cane for me and it is nice to be able to stand it up next to a table or just next to me. I personally think it is worth the investment and last year at the Home Show in town here, an organization was giving them away to Vets. Even though my son isn't a vet they were kind enough to give him one.

Hi braylin's gramma!

Nice to hear from you! Thanks for the info on the cane, I think I'm going to get her one, at least for outside. I had to twist her arm for her to get a walker with a seat. I just took her to the pharmacy within the medical complex where she see's her ortho surgeon, and told her we were going shopping, if she could make it through without needing to sit down, she didn't need it! So she got it and 'loved it'! She was grateful to have it more than once! So there's a word to the wise about prowling around in the dark!

My husband is a vet, and I have seen such incredible acts of kindness from he and his Army buddies! They have met in Gatlinburg every year for about a decade, and it's easy to see that they really are brothers. I was very fortunate to have met most of them while I could still ride that far! I make my husband still go, they all still need each other, and he is all the better for having them again!

So nice chatting with you, I look forward to getting to know you!

Wishing you well,


Glad I could be of help! I too have a walker with a seat. It is a hassle to try and get it into a vehicle most of the time so I like having my cane for a backup and security, Glad also to hear that your husband stays in contact with his Army buddies, it is important for all of them. I am thankful for all the Vets who served! Look forward to getting to know you too!

I have tried something similar which was provided by my OT. It has four feet in a semi-circle. When I first

tried it, I found it so much more stable, especially on rough ground/grass and going downhill. (something I

find really difficult). I only use it now for very short walks because my balance has become so bad. I now

use a sort of zimmer frame because I find this far more stable for me. It is of course far more bulky to get

in and out of the car. I also bought a bag which is tied onto to it, which is very useful when carrying small

objects. When I had my accident I broke my left arm in three places. Two fractures mended OK but although

I have had 11 operations on my arm, the third one (a spiral fracture) has never mended and so I have

limited use of this arm

Yes,I have one of the first ones they came out with! I do like it very much. I usually rely on my cane during winter only,otherwise I have hand and arm problems. What I love about this cane is the fact that it folds up. The tripod bottom is great. I think the new ones have even better pods. It is adjustable and snaps into place easily. I have had mine for 3 years and it is the only cane I use.


11 operations? Girl, you have been through it! I have never heard of a spiral fracture, but I would imagine those would be the absolute hardest to correct and heal. We get a type of cork screw wind here and I have seen how that can tear up huge trees. Not sure if this is the same, but in my mind right now, it is! ha!

Having a waitress apron would help you to carry things too. I have ruptured both of my Achilles Tendons, not fun either, and was in a cast with my foot pointed for months, first problem, it is inches longer than the foot you are balancing yourself on, so it throws you off balance. I was never good on crutches, so I used to fall all of the time, and to carry things, ha! So my cousin brought me a waitress apron, which is a row of pockets you tie around you!

Hope that will be your LAST fall, as we are oh so breakable!

Take care,


Hi Karyn,

Our yard is not that even in places, and I was thinking this would be a good way to help my mom balance herself. We also have all kinds of little critters always digging the yard up, so you just never know where the holes are. I also have to be careful, because if there's a hole out there, I will surely find it!

Speaking of holes, where my husband had burnt out a stump, it created a sink hole, and had he not found it, we could have easily lost the little grandson down it! It's always something!

Hope you are having a good day,