Have orthotic insoles been beneficial to any of you?

I know that various Drs, including podiatrists, and Chiropractors can have custom inserts made, but there seems to also be a big trend on the Dr Schools and of many other store bought orthotics.

Anyone find them helpful?

I have used them for years and they are very helpful. I got mine through my orthopedic doctor. A mold was made of my feet. They seem to stabilized my heels. I wear Brooks Addiction 7 walking shoes because the inside heel is built up, which helps since my ankles turn way in. I need to wear these if I do any walking at all.

Do other people have problems with ankles turning in due to muscle atrophy? Can anyone walk in a straight line, like the sobriety test? My physical therapist has me working on this, and I am not improving at all.


Hi Phoebe,

Sounds like you're working hard on this! If I recall correctly the PT seems to have helped most people here, at least a little. Even though I don't have CMT, I haven't been able to walk the line for years now, I'd never pass the test, not even the ABC's backwards! Never could do that, or see the point of it! ha!

I hope the PT is a success for you, good to hear from you!

I have them but you can only afford one pair of shoes with them they are so expensive. I just buy comfortable shoes with open toes so my feet can have enough room. When it gets cold I will wear socks.

Hi Martha,

Hi Martha,

The inserts I have just slide in and out, so I wear them with all my shoes.

I wonder if a toe straightener would help you. All my toes curl under except for the big toe, but I find that if I use the toe brace that just straightens the second and third toes, I am okay. I got my straightener online through "Foot Smart". My toes are always cold, so I never wear open-toe shoes, even in the summer - with socks! Sometimes when I put on my foot, ankle and knee brace, I feel like an NFL player suiting up for a game. Thank goodness that women now wear pants, even for dressing up.