Heart catherization with GBS

My mother has GBS and her cardiologist is wanting to do a heart catherization on her. She is worried that maybe the doctor doesn’t know enough about GBS. Has anyone had this done that has has GBS or any complications or concerns? Thank you and any info will help.

I know I did not have this procedure. I did have a port to my heart that they did the plasmaphorisis through - I think I have that right. I had 10 plasmaphoris procedures. Nebretta

Find the plasmapheresis work for you, were you able to see any difference?

I don't have personal experience with this. I understand GBS can affect the blood pressure and heart. You would need to understand why the cardiac cath would be necessary at this time. I would then definitely consult with her neurologist to get his/her opinion and okay. You could ask the cardiologist to write a letter to the neurologist to inform him/her of the situation and planned procedure. The neurologist should be kept in the loop in my opinion. It is usually standard procedure for a specialist to write a letter to the primary care physician and other treating physicians keeping them informed with the findings of the exam and recommendations for treatment. I believe this is how it should be done. I hope you get the necessary info and it puts your mind at ease. All the best to your Mom.

I had a heart catheterization in December 2013. I did not have any issues with the procedure. I did however discuss this with my neurologist beforehand and he did not have any concerns with the heart cath or having surgery if I needed it. Since 99% of heart cath's are done going through the wrist, the procedure is quick and painless. By the way, my GBS began in August 2012.

This is the first I have heard of it.


Keep in mind that GBS destoys the ENTIRE Peripheral nervous system.

Now half of the Automic Nervous system- that which controls the involintary organs i.e. heart and lungs) is located half in the peripoheral nad half iin the brain;. This is why so many die; this is why so many end up on ventilators. If the heart is controlled by the part of the ANS that is peripoheral it is possible that this cathereter- what i suspect to be a temporary pacemaker- it could well be valid. Bring in a Cardiologisty. If her heart beat is weak or irregular then you do it. Every case of GBS ends up down a diferent road.