Heel Control

I'm in the long recovery from GBS. 5 weeks after a 45 day hospital / inpatient rehab stay.

Things are getting better with balance and posture, but I'm beginning to notice something odd with my left heel. The heel doesn't want to touch the ground, even when I command it to.

It's not new and something from the beginning of GBS for certain, but I'm seeing it impact me in a lot of ways with strength on that left leg, particularly on stairs where I can ascend with the right foot and one hand but the left requires two hands on the rails.

I feel like if I were able to get two heels on the ground I would have a lot better posture and better strength when pushing down on that left foot.

I'm able to get it to respond a bit and touch the ground if I really try, but it's unnatural - much like my posture in hunching forward and counterbalancing with my posterior. I'm working on the posture but don't have any good ideas for working on the heels.

Anyone have a similar experience? Any advice other than just waiting for it to get better? It feels like a key thing that'd help other areas.