Hello 😉 I dont have the disease but im here to know and to help!

Hello . I’m new here. I joined this group because I’m eager to learn more about CMT and how to deal with it. I don’t have any kind of neuro disease . I’m here for my special friend. I have met him online. We developed a special kind of friendship that leads to romantic relationship. He never lied to me about his CMT and from there on, I was eager to learn about it…i have read numerous articles to help me deal with it. Since he is not vocal about his feeling about his disease , I am clueless whether he is in pain or tired. We never talked it further because I feel like he doesn’t want to. And so I treated him like an ordinary person. That lead to misunderstanding. The LDR plus his condition decided us to end this relationship. I mean not really on.his condition but most of the time, he won’t message me because I feel like he is tired but won’t say it. But even we decided to be just friends , I still want to know how to deal with him . Im hoping that by next year ,i will finally meet him and I want that by that time I am knowledgable about his disease. Thank you for your answers. You guys are just awesome, strong and a fighter. :slight_smile: