Does anybody know if a colon test is part of GBS. Is a mammo gram part of GBS and last is a pap part of GBS. This are the only test the two doctors I have want to do. I did have nerve test was told no need to come back. Still fighting with insurance to find a doctor. I was told find one (doctor) and pay out of your pocket you can’t take it with you when you are dead. That’s the answer I get for the doctors not wanting to help.

Tally, none of the tests you mention have any specific connection with GBS, as far as I know, but would be tests routinely given to women of a certain age for general health. Being told "there is no need to come back" after a nerve test is insufficient information. What did the nerve test show? Do you have a definitive diagnosis of GBS from a lumbar puncture, or did the doctors decide that you don't actually have GBS? It sounds like more communication is needed.

Here is some information about the tests used to diagnose GBS: http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/guillain-barre-syndrome/basics/tests-diagnosis/con-20025832

I don’t have a doctor. Yes I had spinal tap in may while in hospital. I have GBS. Nerve test also in aug shows I have GBS. It’s frustering because the two doctors want to run all those test and do nothing else. I can only be on the phone for so long, but iam fighting with my insurance. I was told but the police relief if you don’t like the doctors covered by the insuarance it’s your choose pay out of your pocket you can’t take it with you when you die. Why bother with insurance then.

Post a discussion asking for doctor recommendations near your hometown, and then you will have a starting point for negotiating with your insurance.

Hi Tally,

Are your doctors Neurologist? what treatment have they give you?

Were you diagnosed in August by a spinal tap while at the hospital? If so, what treatment did you receive then? Are you feeling better? As one member mentioned, these tests are not part of GBS routine tests. If you are better from the GBS by now, they should just be routine tests. If you are still feeling sick, the doctors may be asking for more tests to make sure that everything else is okay. Are you with a neurologist?

I was diagnosed in may 2014 by a spinal tap. Then had the Ivig for five days. I have to find a Fp doctor. I have seen two doctors, each one wants to do colon test pap mammogram. I was told I have kidney disease too. I had nerve test, was told yes you I GBS and I don’t need to come back.as of today they ave done nothing. Yes somewhat better. Hands are horrible pain in hip legs weak. I ask if I did the test would you help me. No answer. Was told I had carpool tunnel, then told arthritis. Then told its in my head. Sorry. I was told by the relief that if I don’t like it pay out of pocket you can’t take it with you when you die. :slight_smile:

Tally one of the possibilities of a colon or bowel moment is to test for campylobacter do you know how you got GBS??? Campylobacter Jajuini from water or chicken, turkey?? Respiratory infection?? Flue shot??? A fecal test is possible for bad dirreah…

Seems the other tests are female test why are they not having you see you gynecologist for those??

Time to ask questions and demand in a concerning way that they don’t feel you may be blaming… It very upsetting that you the patient has to worry about there EGO!!! It seems to be fact in many doctors. Hoping you get your answers, good luck!!

Hello. While in the hospital they said it was stress that caused the GBS. I was law enforcement 20yrs. Really not sure if stress was the reason. I was going through a lot, iam 510 and was down to under 140. I think I got a bug or something. You right time to ask ALOT of questions :).