I was wondering how many got C.I.D.P from the flu vaccine with the swine flu component added in 2011-current ?

The H1N1 shot aka swine flu came out for the 2009-2010 flu year as a separate shot from the regular flu shot. It was in the 2010-2011 flu season that the H1N1 was added into the regular flu shot. I got a regular flu shot in Oct 2009 and a few wks later received the separate H1N1 when the supply came in. I was dx'd with MS in May 2010. I was only taking meds to control my symptoms, but no modulating drugs b/c they scare the _____ out of me. Then in April 2014, had to get a booster Tdap when I was exposed to patient with Pertussis (whooping cough) and by late April/ earlyMay, I couldn't brush my teeth for more than 5 seconds at a time. In mid-May, walking became challenging and the syncope & yawning attacks hit a week later and then I was dx'd with the CIDP and got my 1st IVIG a few days later. So now I am wondering if the CIDP was misdiagnosed as MS back in 2010 b/c every flu season since the 09-10, I've gotten a flu shot and my symptoms would become more intense. Ever since then, every little cold I get from Oct to April, my body launches a full blown WW 3 defense in response and I will no more get over one cold for a few days and here comes another. I think that my "real" dx should be CIDP w/ CNS involvement. Barbara Ann~do you really think you have both MS & CIDP or just the CIDP? I would think that it would be kind of rare to have both, but I currently have the dual dx and there is NO doubt in my mind that the H1N1 vaccination caused it. The swine flu vaccination in 1976 caused quite a few cases of GBS. Anyhow, I think that in May 2010, I had a mild case of CIDP but b/c of optic neuritis and trigeminal neuralgia a few years prior to that is why all the doctors came to the MS conclusion for me.

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