Help with doctors

I was diagnosed with GBS in Aug. 2013, I had the IV/IG treatment and was released with PT home care. I am currently walking with a cane. I feel very blessed that I have gotten this far. Now my problems starts again here, I have had two MRI's this week one on the brain and the other on my spine. They are now telling me that I have a bulging L4 disc in my back that needs immediate surgery. They also did a EEG and said that I am having seizures and put me on medication for that. They also found a spot on my brain that they are not going to worry about at this time but will do another MRI for that in 6 months so they can continue to watch it and last that I may have rheumatoid arthritis. The doctors here are not that familiar with GBS but won't admit it, I was wondering if anyone could recommend any doctors that are really familiar with GBS in or around Alabama. I also was wondering if the meds (Lyrica, Neurotin and Hydrocodon) could be causing the seizure activity in my brain seeing that I have never before had any issues with seizures before the GBS. I would appreciate any recommendations on doctors and would like to know what others are on as far as meds for the GBS and if anyone has had other health issues immediately following the GBS. I'm not sure I want to have surgery on my back without exploring more options. Please give me any input any of you may have.

I'm sorry I missed responding to this earlier, Deborah. Perhaps this resource will be helpful:

Thank you dancermom for your response however my doctor is on the list, I was kind of hoping to find someone that has/had GBS who had a doctor that they had used in this area that they would recommend. I really do thank you for your response anyway.