Hemp oil

Has anyone got any experience of making/using hemp oil. If so, did you find of help with pain or any other symptoms? Was it easy to make? What health problem did you use it for? Would you recommend it? Were the ingredients easy to get hold of?

Here is an interesting article


And another


Thank you SK. I've seen an article by Rick Simpson re this/. He is worth a 'Google'.


Thanks PCM, I'll have a look at Rick. I also have a friend and fellow moderator, dkel from Australia, who recently joined here, he wrote me a note telling me he has some good info to share on this too! Perhaps it is more widely used there?


On #10 of the remarks, he mentions it as a pain rub. I had no idea it was used this way!

Thanks Dkel, very interesting! Glad it is helping you!

So what do you think, PCM, going to give it a try?

I possibly would if I could physically make it. Also cannabis is illegal here. Did you read the recipe?

I'm surprised that it is still illegal, as liberal as your country is, you would think it would be more progressive of this on the medical end! I have a friend up there that uses the plant part to bake cookies. She gets it as a prescription for Fibromyalgia and arthritis.

I just checked, she's in British Columbia, Canada

There has been much discussion about legalizing it. There are often items in our local paper about police seizing it from private houses. I think it is classed as a class C drug.

Geez, even with a medical prescription?

Well, come to think of it, even the stuff here deemed as medical, even if legal in the state is still illegal under federal law.

It's confusing and certainly not worth getting into trouble with the law on any level!

I happened to catch the tail end of this last night, it may be helpful.