Hep with interview on GBS experience!

Hello everybody!

I need help from any of you (just one person) that would be interested in sharing more of their story with GBS and grant me permission to use this for my class project on GBS. It consists of an interview (either online chat or just fill out a questionnaire) in which you answer questions and describe your experience with GBS. The project I mentioned consists of building a portfolio on useful information for occupational therapy students about GBS and part of this would be a client interview. Just to clarify, I am only asking for experience in this condition, but not any personal information. I can discuss more of the details with whomever is willing.

Thank you!

Yes I will do the survey for you love.

Thank you so much Lorna! This is great news!

Like I mentioned, this is just about you narrating your experience with GBS by answering the survey I will give you, and the only other information I would need is a name and age but you can make this up to protect your privacy. The information you share with me will be used only on my class project and will be read by my class instructor for grading purposes. How would you prefer to answer to this survey? I can send you the file (word doc) to your inbox or just post the questions here in the discussion board and you can reply to them. Let me know which works best for you.

Thanks again for your help! have a great day!

I'd like to help. My blog may also be of interest to you: http://louisehasgbs.wordpress.com

LouiseZA, I read your blog and I'm impressed by your story. I cannot begin to imagine how hard it must've been to go through all of that. I must say that your Darth Vader impersonation was "spot on" and I would've appreciated that moment better :) also, your last words for your post "home at last" are inspiring and I hope to put them to good use in my own life. I would appreciate your help for my project as well. Thanks for offering!

Sarri :)