Here to vent

Hello all. I am here to vent momentarily.

I have been waiting on my neuro-oncologist since the beginning of March to send my insurance company more information since my IVIG was denied at that time. I have been in constant contact with his nurse via email at least once a week to push the issue. I emailed her last week and her reply was pretty much the same it has been since beginning of March, and then proceeded to tell me it was just getting him to take the time to sit down to get the correct info to insurance so they would approve it. My reply to her was, well, then maybe he is too busy for me to be his patient, plus there is a commercial on tv here from IU Health (which is where my neuro is) that says "if you have your health, you have everything" well I don't. The nurse said she would forward that on to the dr.. Of course, I won't hear anything now. I believe I have been more than patient in waiting for him to reply to the ins. It has been 4 months. I hate to stop going to him because he is the one who finally diagnosed me after 4 neuro's didn't, I have an appointment to go to another neuro on Thursday and let them know what I have been going through and the delay the neuro has put me through to see if they can do better. I have found out that the neuro that I am seeing Thursday was in residency under the neuro that has made me mad.

Thank you for listening and the support!


I cant imagine what its like living in the States with the complexities of your health insurance bits. But I wouldn't be afraid to stop going to him. Once the CIDP has been diagnosed your very much in safer territory to some extent. He is being a dick, (is probably just very busy, but its damn annoying waiting on Dr's) I would sack him off and see someone who will be there to help you out more. From my knowledge this illness attacks everyone differently and no one really knows what treatment works best, so if you go to another neurologist, who has some off the wall idea on how to help it may be more beneficial than waiting for your current guy.

All the best