Hi everyone

Thank you for accepting me to this wonderful online support group. I was just diagnosed with CMT disease but I've suspected for awhile that I had it.

Does anyone else feel profound weakness in their legs? That's a big problem for me. I am working with a physical therapist in hopes of regaining some or all of my strength.

Thank you,


Yes l have more and more weakness with my legs. l have 3 professionals telling me to get PT for them. l really don't want to but soon feel l will not have a choice. Going tomorrow to pick up my new inserts, so hopefully that will help the feet/legs some.

Good luck to you, Tami

Sounds very familiar, I just saw the therapist yesterday and she thinks that weight training will help a lot, she said the calf muscles are intact and I can improve the strength in them on my way home I stoped and joined my old gym "World Gym" and did my first training session this morning..............what about you???????

l can't seem to make myself join the gym, even though it is connected to the place l have done lots of PT at. l do go to water aerobics when available 2-3x week.


What type of exercises are you doing?

I can not walk or support myself for very long. Use sturdy ankle boots and inserts; sometimes AFO's. I get up and move a little then back into a chair. Moderate exercise and strengthening is good but there is a balance for each individual; The rule I was told and it has served me well, is to push up to but not beyond fatigue! Water exercise is good be careful not to over do that though as it is hard to tell how much you've done til you get out of the water b/c you are not supporting your own weight and water makes you work much harder than on land.

I don't get too much exercise. I get out for a walk about 4 or 5 times a week. Two of those times are with my physical therapist. I just can't walk much at all. And I can't stand for very long either. Waiting in lines is a nightmare for me. Sometimes I can't do it.

I am switching to a new health insurance plan beginning September 1st. It offers free gym membership with access to pools so I am looking very forward to that.

I went for an EMG of my arms yesterday. I'll get the results of that tomorrow.

Thank you!


I can not walk or stand for long periods of time. My doctor recommended I get leg braces. I was his first bilateral brace patient. I find it helps a little. The doctor said I have server muscle atrophy on my legs.