Hi members!

We've recently had some new members interested in getting involved in the group, so I thought it may be a good idea to bring up a few of the old discussions that they may find helpful. I also encourage all members, old and new to post discussions to keep this group going.

Wishing you all well,


Welcome new members. You will get a lot out of this group.

l don't use this group a lot but have gained some insight from doing so. Other life issues have me distracted most of the time.

Prayers for my cousin and her girls. She is going to meet with MD in Sept and hopefully get some good answers for the whole family. Would be nice to know what type we have.


I hope they get good answers, too, Tami. Keep us posted!

Yes, it's a question that surely deserves an answer! Good thoughts and wishes to all of you!

Tami, it's always good to hear from you when you can drop by!