Hi missed ya'll

I haven't been around for a while. I have been in more pain than I could handle for the last few weeks plus dealing with holiday activities. I had a very bad fall 10 days ago and it really hurt my head and eyes. I have missed being and keeping up with everyone. Even when I haven't posted I have been around keeping up but like I said I haven't even been able to do that. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and you are all getting your Christmas decorations and shopping done. Who all bakes all the fancy cakes and desserts for Christmas on here?

okay we just wanted to say I missed ya'll



Falls are way big in setting us back! I know too well! So sorry to hear this, but do hope you will take the time needed to recover. I know well, how the daily posts can be a big hole missing in your life. We do miss the encouragement and contact with those we KNOW understand. Hope you get to a place of being able to join us, even just to read posts helps.

We had a terrific Thanksgiving and looking forward to more family time with the remaining holiday times. Our family doesn't celebrate Christmas traditionally, but it is a time for family dinners and sharing time with movies or other activities. My husband is reformatting some home movies of our children and grandchildren and we hope to have them ready for our family group to view soon!

To everyone, I hope you enjoy your holiday time and don't over do the activities of decorating and cooking so it inhibits your ability to enjoy! CMT is a balancing act, isn't it! LOL In more ways than one!

Hope you are back with us soon Jeritta!


Hi there. We had a pretty good Thanksgiving and may have a better Christmas. But then maybe not.

My brother that has CMT the worst just had a colostomy. My SIL from other brother has breast cancer and starts Chemo this week after a 5 month wait due to complications and red tape.

l am having shoulder surgery this Thursday to remove calcification build up and bone spurs. l have had too many days unable to lift my arm at all without terrible pain and l just want it gone! So Christmas is a big question. l have most things bought and will get it wrapped or bagged soon.

l don't do much baking. l have no will power over that stuff once it is in my sights!